Eastern HoR meets in Benghazi

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 19 October 2020:

The eastern based and internationally recognized House of Representatives (HoR) met in Benghazi today in what its spokesperson, Abdalla Belheeg, referred to as an ‘‘official session’’.

Notably, he refrained from mentioning how many had attended, but photos and video clips give the impression that about 20 members attended. This is important as there are claims that HoR head Ageela Saleh no longer commands the majority (of the dwindling attendees) of the split eastern-based HoR. Equally, the breakaway Tripoli HoR now claims that it commands the support of a larger number than the eastern HoR.

There are claims that it attracts the support of more than double of the eastern HoR. This enlarged split came about after the Khalifa Hafter attack on Tripoli in April 2019. This led to western-based members, as well as some other non-western-based members who opposed the war to splitting from the eastern HoR.

Equally, it is noted that today’s session was not chaired by the HoR head Ageela Saleh, but by Second Deputy Ahmid Homa.

According to spokesperson Belheeg, the eastern HoR discussed today the eastern government’s 12 September provisional resignation.

Belheeg reported that after discussing the matter, a vote was taken, and the government’s resignation was rejected.

The spokesperson also reported that the HoR voted to summon the Governor of the eastern Central Bank of Libya, Ali Al-Hibri to a session next week, against the background of statements he had made in a television interview the past few days.

Finally, Belheeg reported that the HoR also discussed the political dialogue and its two rounds held in Bouznika, Morocco. He said the session was given a briefing of the results of the Bouznika dialogue from the members of the attending dialogue committee. The HoR will complete its political dialogue discussion on Tuesday, Belheeg added.


Following demonstrations, shootings at and injuries of protesters, Libya’s eastern government tenders its resignation to parliament head



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