Storm causes damage at Tripoli port, containers fall overboard, a ship hits breakwater

By Sami Zaptia.

A strong storm at Tripoli port caused damage (Photo: Tripoli Port).

London, 28 October 2020:

A powerful storm in the port of Tripoli yesterday afternoon led to damage to an anchored ship and the fall of full and empty containers in the port basin, Tripoli Port Authority reported yesterday.

The empty containers fell during the process of their transfer.

In addition, the ropes of several ships anchored in the port were also cut. The container ship, Lady Halloum, located in the anchorage area, broke loose and collided with the breakwater. Emergency services worked on rescuing those on board the ship.

The storm led to the port suspending operations temporarily.

Elsewhere, the storm led to the fall of large hailstones and the felling of a several palm trees. Some cars were badly damaged by fallen palm trees.

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