Co-working space, bazaar and music event held at former King’s palace

By Sami Zaptia.

Pop-up co-working, music and art events organized in Tripoli (Photo: Deraz Corner).

London, 29 October 2020:

A co-working ‘‘pop-up’’ event is being held Tuesday-Thursday at the former King’s Palace in Tripoli, organized by Deraz Corner.

Deraz Corner describes itself as a co working space where creative minds meet, bringing together start-ups, freelancers, students, artists and architects to work or hang out in a creative, pleasant work atmosphere

The series of events include IT events, workshops, popup markets, a bazaar to support local micro talent and projects, street art and Libyan music events.

Deraz has held other popup events in other locations, including on the seafront and under the Marcus Aurelius arch.

Attendees will be obligation to wear masks and social distance.

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