5+5 Joint Military Commission agrees permanent ceasefire steps at Ghadames meeting

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 4 November 2020:

The Libyan 5+5 Joint Military Commission concluded its two-day meetings as part of the fifth round of talks in the City of Ghadames yesterday, in the presence of the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General of Libya, Stephanie Williams.

At its first meeting inside Libya, which UNSMIL reported was characterized by high responsibility and patriotism, the Joint Military Commission reached a number of important recommendations regarding future arrangements, including requiring the UN Security Council to expedite the adoption of a binding resolution to implement the terms of the ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva on 23 October 2020.

The following are the terms of the agreement of the Joint Military Commission, which came out of the Ghadames meeting:


  1. A military sub-committee has been set up to oversee the return of troops to their headquarters and the withdrawal of foreign troops from the frontlines, and the committee will hold its first meeting in Sirte in the presence of the 5+5 committee in the near future with the presence of UNSMIL.
  2. The 5+5 Military Commission agreed to meet in Sirte as soon as possible this month.
  3. The Commission agreed on monitoring measures, including international observers.
  4. The work of the Joint Security Committee has been determined in establishing security arrangements in the designated area.
  5. The 5+5 Military Commission has decided to have its headquarters in the Ouagadougou hall complex in Sirte.
  6. The 5+5 military Commission has decided the headquarters of the subcommittee on security arrangements to be in the City of Houn and Sirte.
  7. The first meeting to unify the Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG) will be held on November 16 in the city of Brega with the presence of the PFG commanders, the National Oil Corporation and the UN mission, and submit its work to the 5+5 Committee.
  8. The Detainee Exchange Subcommittee continues its work until the matter is completed.
  9. It was agreed to form demining engineering teams in cooperation with the United Nations team and the General Intelligence Service.
  10. Immediate work on opening regular flights to Sebha and Ghadames with rapid rehabilitation of the airports as needed.
  11. The 5+5 Military Commission forms a committee responsible for monitoring and combating hate speech by specialists, in cooperation with UNSMIL, which has a civilian character.
  12. The 5+5 Military Commission calls on the Security Council to expedite the adoption of a binding resolution to implement the terms of the Geneva Agreement signed on October 23, 2020.


(Unofficial translation from Arabic)

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