Korea to increase support to Libyan-Korean Vocational Training Centre

By Sami Zaptia.

Korean Ambassador pledges more support during visit to Labour Ministry’s Libyan Korean Vocational Training Centre (Labour Ministry)

London, 9 November 2020:

Korea has vowed to increase its support for the Libyan-Korean Centre for Building and Construction Professions at the Ministry of Labour. The undertaking was reported by the Tripoli-based Libyan Labour Ministry yesterday during a visit by Korea’s Ambassador to the Centre.

The Ministry reported that the Ambassador met his host at the Centre, the Labour Minister, and discussed the Centre’s support during this year with the capabilities and equipment needed for the it to continue implementing its training programmes.

It reported that the Korean Ambassador renewed his country’s support for the stability of Libya, and pledged to increase the necessary support for the Centre in terms of equipment, tools or devices to ensure the continuity of training process and to increase training capacity.

The Minister reviewed with the ambassador the specializations and training projects that the Ministry of Labour intends to add and the increase in training capacity in many fields at the Centre.


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