Women’s LPDF Block of 17 participants demand 30 percent of leadership position including Deputy PM

By Sami Zaptia.

The Women’s Block of 17 at the LPDF in Tunis demanded 30 percent of leadership positions and the post of Deputy Prime Minister (Photo: Libya Herald).

London, 16 November 2020:

The Women’s Block of 17 participants at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Tunis demanded what they called ‘‘real’’ representation in Libya’s future leadership positions, including 30 percent of leadership positions and the post of a Deputy Prime Minister.

The LPDF that ended its face-to-face session in Tunis yesterday brings together 75 male, female and youth from all strata of Libya to discuss a new political roadmap (within the framework of the Skhirat 2015 Libyan Political Agreement) after the end of the Khalifa Hafter war on Tripoli.

The LPDF agreed in principle to hold elections by December 2021 and to change the incumbents of the current Presidency Council to just three members from Libya’s three historical regions. It has also agreed to choose a separate Prime Minister with two Deputies in the future Government of National Unity (GNU). The Women’s block are demanding that one of these two to be held by a woman.

They also called for youth to be given 20 percent of leadership positions in the new GNU.


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