Zallaf and NOC discuss new South Refinery

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 18 November 2020:

A wide ranging face-to-face technical meeting between Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company and the National Oil Corporation (NOC) was held at the NOC’s Tripoli headquarters yesterday. The meeting also included participants through video links in Benghazi and Ras Lanuf.

The NOC reported that during the meeting the technical and financial details of the project to establish the South Refinery were presented and the importance of providing oil products (fuel) in the southern regions which will decrease the suffering of people in those areas and provide for their fuel needs, were discussed.

Furthermore, the NOC affirmed that it will continue to work on the implementation of this, what it referred to as a ‘‘vital project’’, despite all the current circumstances. This will also include the establishment of a unit for extracting cooking gas.

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