Libyan-Egyptian Economic Chamber calls for reopening of Sirte-Tripoli coastal road

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 23 November 2020:

The Libyan-Egyptian Economic Chamber yesterday has called for the reopening of the Sirte-Tripoli coastal road that runs through Misrata.

The Chamber said that the reopening of the road will save effort, time and money for Libyan citizens and merchants and commercial movement between the East and West of the country.

Currently, passengers or goods are forced to take a lengthy circuitous route from east to west Libya. However, the Libyan-Egyptian Chamber said trucks transporting goods from western Libya to the east that carry basic materials and vegetables, and trucks carrying livestock and foodstuffs, would reach all regions at the lowest cost if the direct coastal road was reopened.

It will be recalled that the reopening of the coastal road was announced as part of the thawing of relations between east and west Libya through the UN-brokered 5+5 Military talks. However, the reopening of the coastal road has not been implemented yet.

It is affecting trade between east, west and southern Libya as well as movement of goods and personnel for the oil industry.

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