Tunisian aviation delegation visits Benina airport assessing its readiness to receive Tunis Air flights

By Sami Zaptia.

A Tunisian aviation delegation assessed Benghazi’s Benina airport’s readiness for receiving Tunis Air flights (Photo: LAA).

London, 24 November 2020:

As part of the efforts made to resume Tunisian Airlines flights to Libyan airports, a specialized delegation representing the Tunisian Civil Aviation paid an official visit yesterday to Benghazi’s Benina airport, the eastern based Libyan Airports Authority (LAA) reported yesterday.

The LAA said the Tunisian delegation conducted an internationally recognized auditing process to assess Benina airport’s status in terms of safety and security to ensure that the applicable procedures are followed.

It will be recalled that the Tunisian aviation delegation had conducted a similar inspection of Tripoli’s Mitiga airport on 22 November.


Tunisian aviation delegation visits Tripoli’s Mitiga airport to assess Tunis Air flight resumption readiness



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