NOC reshuffles subsidiary board of directors: Mellitah, AGOCO, Harouge and Zallaf

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 26 November 2020:

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has made a series of board changes in a number of its subsidiaries.

On 25 November, a new chairman of Zallaf Oil, Hussein Abu Siliana, took over from the previous one, Rajab Abdel Sadiq, at a ceremony at the NOC headquarters in Tripoli. Abu Siliana was himself previously chairman of Mellitah Oil and Gas.

The same day, Mohamed Ben Shatwan, until this week chairman of the Benghazi-based Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), took over as chairman of Mellitah.

There are also changes at Harouge Oil, where the former head of finance, Mohamed Jaber, has been replaced. He is now a member of the board at Mellitah.

There is a new chairman, Abdulmutallab Al-Barasi, and board of directors at the Benghazi-based National Petroleum Construction Company, and at AGOCO where Fadlallah Issa Atta has taken over from Mohamed Ben Shatwan.

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