Economy Ministry launches industrial spatial development project in 30 areas

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 4 December 2020:

Faraj Bumtari, the Minister of Economy and Industry of Libya’s internationally recognized government approved its industrial spatial development project on Wednesday (02 December).

The project involves the Industrial Research Centre (IRC) of the Ministry of Economy and Industry launching the implementation of 30 research studies with a comprehensive survey of 30 cities and regions across Libya.

At a meeting with the Minister, the IRC presented the project plan and its details, explaining in its presentation that the plan includes field visits to vital sectors and institutions in all regions to collect and analyse data.

The IRC stated in its plan that the project team will collect information on the resources and capabilities available to each region to provide recommendations and suggestions on how to develop and invest these resources.

The IRC explained the project’s contribution to:

  1. Increase the domestic product.
  2. Diversity of income sources.
  3. Providing job opportunities.
  4. Raise the citizen’s standard of living.
  5. Determine the goals, objectives and general policies of the state.
  6. Setting appropriate development plans, decisions and policies.
  7. Establishing a database of the available economic potentials and components.
  8. Proposing industrial opportunities and development projects.
  9. Achieving the principle of justice in economic, social and industrial development by providing self-generated sources of income for the regions.

The project follow-up director indicated that the implementation timetable was set at 175 working days, and added that an advanced electronic system would be prepared and designed to set the stage for the outputs and indicators of this study.

This project comes within the projects of the Ministry of Economy and Industry is working on to carry out a comprehensive development renaissance in Libya, the Ministry explained.


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