Tripoli Libyan government to launch English-language TV channel

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 9 December 2020:

The head of the Libyan Media Foundation, Mohamed Baiyu, issued a decree to establish an official Libyan English-language TV channel.

The channel will be called ‘‘LIBYA’’ with its headquarters in Tripoli. The decree stipulates that the TV channel aims to inform the world about events, developments and interactions in Libya, political and economic.

It also aims to contribute through ‘‘a developed media product a positive impact on world public opinion, especially among English-speaking people, and the mutual openness in local and foreign directions, leading to the transmission of facts and the removal of confusions”.

The channel will be financed according to its establishment decision from the funds allocated to it from the general budget and the self-resources that are achieved through its media and advertising production.

It will be recalled that Baiyu was kidnapped by government recognized Tripoli militias in October for a few days.

He had been a controversial appointment by the internationally recognized Libyan prime minister, Faiez Serraj, as head of the Foundation, due to his Qaddafi-era links. The militias did not like his toning down of the anti-Khalifa Hafter rhetoric which Serraj had initiated as part of the confidence-building measures between west and east reconciliation brokered by UNSMIL.


UNSMIL deplores unlawful arrest of Serraj media head Baiyu | (





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