Tripoli government assures of sufficient fuel supplies as petrol queues form

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 14 December 2020:

Libya’s internationally recognized government in Tripoli has assured the public that there are sufficient fuel supplies as queues increase at petrol stations.

The assurance came through its Ministry of Interior. It confirmed to the public that, through contact with the country’s Fuel Crisis Committee, it has been informed that the fuel tanker Anwar Africa, with 35 million litres of fuel on board, has entered the port of Tripoli.

It assured that the tanker has begun unloading its cargo and has begun distributing fuel to all petrol stations around the clock.

The Interior Ministry called on citizens not to crowd in front of petrol stations, which it said caused traffic jams on the roads. It confirmed that petrol stations will operate around the clock.

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