LPDF establishes Legal Committee, starts countdown to December 2021 elections

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 18 December 2020:

The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) has established its Legal Committee, which starts the countdown to Libya’s 24 December 2021 elections. The announcement was made by UNSMIL yesterday after the LPDF had held a virtual session during which it also discussed the necessary arrangements for holding the elections and the selection mechanism for Libya’s new government. The members of this committee will be formally announced in the coming days, UNSMIL said.

Agreeing on the selection mechanism for choosing the next Libyan government

UNSMIL reported that the LPDF participants laid out their views and proposals on the most suitable and consensual method to move forward and finalize the decision on selection mechanism for the executive authority tasked to lead the preparatory period ahead of the scheduled national elections. The LPDF had failed to agree on choosing this mechanism at their last vote. This failure has raised concerns about the UNSMIL-led LPDF process.

Libyan Economic meeting

UNSMIL reported that Acting UNSMIL head Stephanie Williams briefed the LPDF participants on the progress made during the Libyan Economic meeting that took place in Geneva on 14-15 December.

She revealed that this economic committee will now convene on a regular basis to support the necessary reforms aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Libyan people, including following up on the progress achieved during the long-awaited Central Bank of Libya Board of Directors meeting held 16 December to unify the country’s exchange rate.

Security Council briefing

She also informed the participants of her briefing to the Security Council on 15 December in a closed session and echoed the call of the Security Council for LPDF participants to redouble their efforts as “a successful political process was essential for the stability and future prosperity of Libya.”

Condemns “dangerous social media campaigns’’

UNSMIL reported that Williams had condemned what she described as “dangerous social media campaigns” that have been weaponized to actively target the LPDF process through propagating misleading and erroneous information. Addressing participants, ASRSG Williams warned: “This is your process and you have the main responsibility to protect it. I urge you not to engage in or encourage such destructive attempts that aim to disrupt your efforts and deny the Libyan people a unique opportunity for peace and prosperity.”

The LPDF has continued to attract opposition and criticism. Its failure to agree on a mechanism for choosing the next Libyan government and the large number of abstentions during the last vote on the mechanism has increased this criticism. Those who favour the status quo and perceive that they will come out net losers from the LPDF process are naturally openly or secretly briefing against it.

UNSMIL reported that Williams had praised the spirit of unity that characterized today’s meeting and thanked the participants for the thorough discussion. conducted in a conciliatory and amicable setting.


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