Salaries increased by 20 percent, Competitions Commission created, and 2021 budget discussed at Cabinet meeting

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 24 December 2020:

At Tuesday’s (22 December) Eighth Extraordinary Meeting of 2020 held in Tripoli, the Cabinet of Libya’s internationally recognized government decided to increase public-sector salaries, reversing its Decree 641/2013.

The meeting, chaired by Faiez Serraj, Ahmed Maetig, Mohamed Amari Zayed, Ahmed Hamzah, and the all the Tripoli government ministers.

The press statement said discussions were taken within the framework of procedures to address the implications of the Central Bank of Libya’s decision to unify the Libyan dinar exchange rate. The economic and practical aspects of the new unified exchange rate were taken into consideration.

exchange rate and the accompanying procedures required of the government.

2021 budget

The Cabinet also discussed the government’s vision of the projected budget for the fiscal year 2021 in accordance with the accompanying variables of the new exchange rate.

Competition Commission

They also discussed and approved the proposal submitted by the Minister of Economy for establishing a Competition Commission, defining its terms of reference and tasks.

No further details were given on all the points of discussion.

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