UNSMIL welcomes first local elections of 2021

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 9 January 2021:

UNSMIL welcomed the first four municipal council elections in 2021, that are took place Thursday in the municipalities of Hay Alandalus and Swani Bin Adam of Greater Tripoli, and Gasr Alakhiar and Zlitin, in the West.

Acting UNSMIL head Stephanie Williams commended the determination of the Libyan people to exercise their democratic right and the efforts of the Central Committee for Municipal and Council Elections (CCMCE) in conducting the electoral processes in full compliance with precautionary measures for COVID-19, in line with the recommendations of the National Centre for Disease Control and the WHO.

‘‘I encourage all registered voters, in particular women, youth, and vulnerable groups to participate in the polls, while taking all precautionary measures, to contribute to peaceful and inclusive electoral processes”, Williams concluded.

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