EU receives UN Secretary General request to contribute to Libya ceasefire observers, EU response not ready yet

By Sami Zaptia.

The EU has received UN request to participate in Libya ceasefire observers, but has not responded yet (Photo: Archives).

London, 14 January 2021:

”We don’t have a formal response yet” to the request of the UN Secretary General who has sent a letter to member states to ask to appoint their observers to be sent to Libya to oversee a ceasefire, Peter Stano, Spokesman of EU Foreign Policy chief Joseph Borrell, told reporters on Wednesday.

”As we have already said other times, the EU is ready to put in practice a political solution for the crisis in Libya”, he added. ”We are aware of Guterres’ requests on the possible observation mission and we are ready to continue our engagement and talks with UN partners” to better understand how ”the mechanism to monitor the ceasefire”, which ”is not ready yet”, will work.

Stano added that the EU is ”in contact with UN partners and is reflecting on what will be the best form of assistance and aid for the European Union” on such a mechanism, ”based on needs and requests”, the Tripoli based official state Libyan news agency reported yesterday.

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