No justification for mills’ wheat price rises: Economy Ministry

By Sami Zaptia.

The Tripoli Economy Ministry says there is no justification for wheat Mills raising flour prices (Photo: Archives).

London, 14 January 2021:

The Commercial Department of the Economy Ministry in Tripoli said yesterday that there is no justification for the rise in wheat prices and called on the owners of mills not to raise the prices of flour. It warned the weak willed against exploiting the crisis for material gain.

The call was made by Mustafa Gaddara, Director of the Commercial Department of the Economy Ministry.

Speaking to local press, Gaddara said wheat was still entering through Libyan ports and that 29,000 tons of wheat had been bought at the end of last year and another ship was arriving on 15 January.

He said that he was on daily contact with the Bakeries’ Union assuring them that the situation will stabilize and that wheat supplies will be available.

Gaddara said that the Libyan state in such crises is supposed to be in control of strategic goods through the establishment of the General Authority for Grains to know the amount of Strategic Stock and so that no one controls the simple citizens’ livelihoods.

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