Tripoli Chamber of Commerce visits Alexandria Chamber to improve cooperation

By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli Chamber of Commerce visits its Alexandria counterpart seeking to increase cooperation (Photo: Tripoli Chamber).

London, 19 January 2021:

The Tripoli Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited Alexandria Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, the Tripoli Chamber reported yesterday.

Tripoli Chamber, represented by board member Ibrahim Raheel, sought to improve communications and discuss ways of establishing a framework for cooperation.

This comes Within the framework of communication between arab chambers of commerce in order to serve the common economic interests in order to reach economic integration and expand the ceiling of inter-Arab trade between arab countries.

It reported that views were exchanged on ways to open broad cooperation between the two Chambers, it was agreed to arrange an extended meeting by the two chambers during the coming period to discuss ways of cooperation and to develop the necessary frameworks for this.

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