Serraj calls on UN to ensure 24 December elections are held on time through UNSC resolution

By Sami Zaptia.

Faiez Serraj has called on the UN to support Libya’s 24 December elections and results through technical support and a UN Security Council Resolution (Photo: MoI).

London, 23 January 2021:

Faiez Sarraj, the head of Libya’s internationally recognized government based in Tripoli, has called on the United Nations to support Libya’s planned 24 December elections. His call came in a letter sent Thursday addressed to the UN Secretary General and the President of the United Nations Security Council, Tripoli’s Foreign Ministry reported Thursday (21 January).

Serraj called on the UN to support Libya in holding the national presidential and parliamentary elections on the specified date of 24 December 2021, ‘‘in response to the will of Libyans and what they decided, according to what the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) agreed on in sisterly Tunis’’.

Serraj also requested in his letter that the Security Council issues a resolution to support this process on the specified date and to grant a mandate to the UN mission to Libya (UNSMIL) to support it and provide the necessary capabilities to it.

This is to include the provision of technical and expert assistance, to study the means of the necessary insurance to implement the elections in all its stages, to provide monitoring during the electoral process until its completion and the approval of the final results.

He also requested that the United Nations sends a team, as soon as possible, to assess the needs and to consult and coordinate with the High National Election Commission (HNEC) and the competent authorities to make this important national achievement a success and build a stable civil democratic state.


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