Ship transporting unhealthy livestock forced to leave Tripoli port back to Spain

By Sami Zaptia.

The Elbeik was ejected from Tripoli port back to Spain with its unhealthy cargo of livestock (Photo: Interior Ministry).


London, 26 January 2021:

The ship, Elbeik, carrying unhealthy livestock was ejected out of Tripoli port yesterday under armed patrol, Tripoli’s Interior Ministry reported yesterday.

This came after Libya’s National Centre for Animal Health (NCAH) had announced Saturday (23 January) that it had refused to approve entry of two shipments totalling 2,671 cattle. The livestock shipments had arrived at Tripoli port earlier in January.

The violating shipments of cattle were on board the ship “Karim Allah” carrying 895 calves, and Elbeik carrying 1,776 calves.

The NCAH, part of the Tripoli Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Wealth, had said that the reason for the rejection is the shipment’s violation of the general health and veterinary conditions.

It had added that it subjects all shipments of live animals imported from abroad to control, from the time they leave the country of origin until they reach the Libyan ports.

It had stressed that only healthy animals and their products are allowed to be tested to see their conformity.

Yesterday, the Interior Ministry said the Elbeik left Tripoli port with its full shipment to Spain, where the patrols of the General Administration of Coastal Security and the patrols of the Coast Guard were coordinated with the Tripoli Maritime Port Security Directorate to accompany the ship until it had left the Libyan territorial waters. It stressed they were ready to ‘‘take the necessary actions in case of violation’’.

No mention was made of the “Karim Allah” carrying the rejected 895 calves.


Animal Health rejects shipments of 2,671 cattle at Tripoli port | (



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