Tripoli Interior Ministry reports 353 cases of premeditated murder, 242 kidnappings and 2,346 other crimes in 2020

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 28 January 2021:

The Tripoli Interior Ministry reported 353 cases of premeditated murder, 242 kidnappings and 2,346 other crimes in 2020. It says the figures are for the whole of Libya.

1-Premeditated murders

In statistics for 13 categories published Tuesday (26 January), the Ministry reported that of the 353 premeditated murder cases there were 475 related arrest.


There were 23 manslaughter cases for which 33 were arrested

3-Attempted murder

It reported there were 48 cases of attempted murder and 29 related arrests.


There were 242 cases of kidnapping for which 317 people were arrested.

5-Forced robbery

It reported 519 cases of forced robbery for which 576 were arrested

6-Alcohol consumption

The Interior Ministry reported 660 cases of alcohol consumption, manufacture and trafficking, for which 949 people were arrested.

7-Robbery from commercial entities

There were cases 107 cases of robbery from shops and those arrested in their possession reached 100.

8-Electricity cable theft

There were 72 cases of electrical cable theft for which 41 people were arrested. The issue of electricity cable theft has become a very emotive one as the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) reports weekly incidents of theft contributing to the countries continuous and crippling power cuts.

There is a general outcry for the security forces and GECOL to do more to deter and bring to justice electricity cable thieves to be made an example of.

9-Car theft

The number of car theft cases was 480 cases and those arrested for them 266.

10-Forgery of papers and official documents

Cases of forgery of papers and official documents were 105 cases with 137 related arrests.


There were 533 people arrested in 524 fraud cases.

12-Arms industry and trafficking

There were 93 cases of arms industry and trafficking for which 45 people were arrested in connection.

13-Robbery from homes

There were 432 cases of robbery from homes with 440 related arrests.

14-Other crimes

There were another 2,346 ‘‘other’’ criminal cases for which 3,030 people were accused and arrested.

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