LPDF first round of voting for PC fails to meet 70 percent threshold – move to list system next

By Sami Zaptia.

Today’s vote by the LPDF in Geneva for the three Presidency Council positions failed to result in winners with a 70 percent threshold. The process now moves on to the list system (Photo: UNSMIL).

London, 2 February 2021:

The first attempt by the gathered 74 Libyans making up the LPDF in Geneva today failed to choose a three-member Presidency Council (PC) through regional colleges and within the stipulated 75 percent threshold set by the voting rules.

The highest percentage achieved was 42.9 percent by the candidate for the south – and favourite – A. Seif Al-Nasr. For the west, High State Council head Khaled Mishri got 22.2 percent and the head of the House of Representatives representing the east, Ageela Saleh, secured 39.1 percent.

The process now moves on to the list system where political horse-trading is able to take place and a compromise three-person Presidency Council is more likely to result. The list system will mean both the three-person Presidency Council members and the prime minister will be chosen in one process.

Given the results of the first round (below), there is now a high likelihood that Khaled Mishri (West) Ageela Saleh (East) Abdul Majid Seif Al Nasser (South) will be chosen as the new Presidency Council.

Prior to voting, the candidates were given 30 minutes to make a presentation and then faced 10 minutes of questions from LPDF members and questions gathered online.

Today, candidates standing for Prime Minister started to make their presentations and faced questions.

Here are today’s individually based voting results:


The south

  1. Abdul Majeed Ghaith Seif Al-Nasr – 6 (42.9 percent)
  2. Mossa Al-Koni – 2
  3. Ali Abu Al-Hojob – 1
  4. Omar Mahdi Aboushrida -5


Total votes 14 – spoilt votes 0


The west

  1. Khaled Ammar Al-Mishri – 8 (head of High State Council)
  2. Idriss Suleiman Ahmed Al-Qaed – 5
  3. Mohammed Al-Qammoudi Al-Hafi – 5
  4. Salahuddin Al-Namroush – 4 (Tripoli Defence Minister)
  5. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abu Al-Qassem Al-Balazi – 3
  6. Abdul Raheem Ali Mohammed Al-Shibani – 3
  7. Osama Juwaili – 2 (commander of western forces)
  8. Asaad Mohsen Zhaiou – 2
  9. Salama Ibrahim Al-Ghweil – 2
  10. Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi – 1
  11. Tarek Abdallah Al-Ashtar – 1


Total votes 36 – spoilt votes 1


The east

  1. Agila Saleh Qwaider – 9 (head of House of Representatives)
  2. Al-Sharif Al-Wafi – 6
  3. Mohamad Menfi – 5
  4. Khaled Al-Saeeh – 1
  5. Mustafa Abdulhamid Dallaf – 0
  6. Mohammed Hassan Sleiman Al-Bargathi – 2
  7. Ali Mahmoud Bukheirallah -0
  8. Suleiman Asweiker Awad – 0


Total votes 23 – spoilt votes zero

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