Brega warns against panic buying, says there is no fuel shortage

By Sami Zaptia.

The NOC’s subsidiary, Brega Marketing Company, said there are no fuel shortages and urged customers not to panic buy and crowd at petrol stations (Photo: Brega).

London, 4 February 2021:

Brega Oil and Gas Marketing Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the state National Oil Corporation, yesterday called on citizens not to overcrowd at its fuel stations, especially in Tripoli.

It urged the public not to become victims of the false rumours that there are fuel shortages, adding that two tankers await unloading and that 5 million litres of fuel have been distributed daily.

The company stated that fuel is available and the reason for the delay is the late entry of oil tankers to the unloading areas on time due to bad weather. It assured that work is underway to transfer fuel shipments from its depots through supply lines and trucks to petrol stations in the capital and its suburbs.

Brega stressed that the company is preparing to launch private sector filling stations for domestic gas cylinders in numerous cities and regions. It also blamed the cylinder shortage on the destruction of its storage tanks at its Tripoli Airport road fuel depot during the 2014 Libya Dawn militia coup. These tanks need large amount of capital for their repair, it explained.

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