Tripoli Health Ministry meets vaccine manufacturers to place orders

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Tripoli Health Ministry met Coronavirus vaccine manufacturers with a view to place orders (Photo: WHO).

London, 9 February 2021:

Libya’s Tripoli Health Ministry met with local representatives of the Coronavirus vaccine manufacturers Monday to draw up a memorandum of understanding regarding the supply of the vaccine.

During the meeting, the Ministry reported that an agreement was made on the principle of cooperation for the public good, and a mechanism was set up for coordination between the Ministry and the vaccine manufacturers to present their offers for the supply of the vaccine, including delivery time plans. This is to enable the Ministry to draw up contract notes to present to its legal department. The need to adhere to speedy implementation due to the importance and priority of the subject matter was stressed at the meeting.

The coronavirus vaccine manufacturers represented at the meeting were not named by the Ministry.

Other matters

During the meeting, the issue of providing specialized medicines and operational materials for isolation centres, represented in (PCR, liquid oxygen), and kidney operators were discussed.

It was agreed to develop an urgent plan for cooperation with the Ministry regarding the necessity of prompt provision of specialized drugs, especially with regard to oncology drugs.


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