First shipments of anti-Coronavirus vaccine to arrive within two weeks, distribution mechanism set for front liners

By Sami Zaptia.

The first batch of anti-Coronavirus vaccines will arrive within two weeks and will be for front liners (Photo: WHO).

London, 10 February 2021:

The Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic confirmed that it will receive within two weeks the first shipments of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine. These will be allocated to workers in isolation centres of various specialties in all regions of Libya to ensure their safety so that they can perform the tasks assigned to them according to the work plan and distribution mechanism approved by the Committee.

The Committee reported that it had reviewed the mechanism by which coordination was made with the relevant authorities to receive the vaccine on the specified dates, the specialized committees set up by the committee to monitor its effectiveness and accompanying symptoms, and the mechanism for distributing the vaccine to those who deserve it according to a database prepared by it.

A media public awareness programme to educate citizens about the importance of the vaccine will also be launched.

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