Sabrata HoR meeting holds discussions today, plans ‘‘formal’’ meeting tomorrow

By Sami Zaptia.

HoR members are greeted by local dignitaries as they arrive at Sabrata’s Tileel Tourist Complex (Photo: HoR Tripoli).

London, 15 February 2021:

House of Representatives (HoR) members of the Ghadames bloc of 120-plus plan to hold a consultative session in Sabrata today, in preparation for the ‘‘official’’ session tomorrow.

Initially, the main meeting was supposed to take place today, however, it is thought that only about 70 members have made it to Sabrata so far, located on the north eastern coast of Libya. About 120 are expected by tomorrow to arrive at the Tileel Beach Complex where the members are residing and meeting.

The gathered hope to grant a vote of confidence to the newly elected Libyan Presidency Council and Government of National Accord.

It must be noted that the legality of the meeting is contested as the internationally recognized HoR is led by Ageela Saleh based in Tobruk/Benghazi. That House is holding a separate meeting today.

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