Kubis talks to Menfi about HoR endorsement and to CDA about holding elections

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 21 February 2021:

UNSMIL reported today that yesterday evening, Special Envoy Jan Kubis had a substantive telephone call with the President of the Presidency Council designate, Mohamed al-Menfi, and discussed the way forward on the holding of a House of Representatives vote of confidence session. He reiterated the support of the Security Council to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum outcomes (LPDF).

UNSMIL reminded that on 9 February, the President of the Security Council issued a statement, expressing “The Security Council welcome to the agreement reached by the LPDF on a new unified interim executive authority charged with leading the country to elections.”

The Security Council also called on the interim executive authority to agree swiftly on the formation of a new, inclusive government, as set out in the roadmap agreed by the LPDF in Tunis, and to make the necessary preparations ahead of national Presidential and Parliamentary elections planned for 24 December 2021.  The Security Council further called on the interim executive authority to improve services and launch a comprehensive national reconciliation process.

Talks to Constitutional Drafting Assembly

As part of his outreach efforts to the Libyan parties to expedite and ensure the implementation of the LPDF Roadmap, and help Libya put in place the new interim executive authority, UNSMIL reported that the Kubis met today members of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA).

It reported that they informed him about their work and noted that they completed their task in July 2017.  Kubis further discussed with them what are the necessary arrangements to be adopted by the respective Libyan authorities towards holding the general elections on 24 December 2021, which would end the many-year transitional period, allow Libyans to elect their representatives and restore the democratic legitimacy and unify their institutions.

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