Audit Bureau to review Libya’s ECTN contract with Turkey’s SCK – committee formed to make proposals

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Tripoli Audit Bureau is reviewing the country’s ECTN contract with Turkish company SCK (Photo:

London, 22 February 2021:

Libya’s Tripoli based Audit Bureau announced yesterday that it is to review the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) contract between Turkish company, SCK, and the Tripoli Finance Ministry.

The revelation came after Tripoli Audit Bureau head, Khaled Shakshak, held a meeting with Tripoli Acting Finance Minister, Faraj Bumtari in Tripoli.

During the meeting, the Audit Bureau reported that its remarks on the contract between the Ministry of Finance and the Turkish Foreign Trade Company (SCK) to electronically track goods imported to Libya were discussed. The meeting also discussed the system’s working mechanisms and objectives.

The Audit Bureau reported that both sides agreed on the importance of the issue, especially as it would reduce corruption cases associated with foreign currency transfers.

In conclusion, the two parties agreed to form a joint committee to study observations and responses, evaluate contracting procedures and their legality, and submit their recommendations to ensure the desired objectives of tracking with the best methods and tools.

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