EU concerned by Bashagha security incident

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 22 February 2021:

The EU said today that they ‘‘are concerned by yesterday’s security incident involving the convoy of Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha, and we express our solidarity with the minister who is safe and well.

We call all actors for calm and de-escalation at this particularly sensitive time, as well as for a thorough investigation to identify those responsible for this dangerous incident.

Such actions are a strong reminder of the important work remaining to dismantle armed groups as per the ceasefire agreement of last October, and to establish the full control of the security sector in the hands of legitimate authorities.

We encourage all parties to avoid divisions and to adhere to the political process leading to elections on 24 December.  The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) Road Map and the 23 October ceasefire agreement are the only way forward’’.

Yesterday the U.S. Embassy and UNSMIL condemned the attack on Bashagha.

Tripoli Libyan Minister of Defence, Salah Namroush yesterday announced two measures. His Ministry

  • Reported that it had contacted the Minister of Justice and it was agreed to assign the Chief Prosecutor in northern Tripoli to investigate the incident.
  • It assigned a force from the Tripoli Military Region to impose security and prevent any security violations.

It affirmed that the security of the capital, Tripoli, and the entire security of Libya are a red line that cannot be compromised, and that it is one of the basic and original tasks of the Ministry of Defence. It affirmed that no one is above the law and whoever causes the undermining of security or the violation of the law and state institutions will be held accountable.


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