Benghazi seminar on the Libyan National Register as pioneering solution in activating new e-government administration

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 23 February 2021:

A scientific symposium on the Libyan National Register will be held in Benghazi on 27 February as a pioneering solution in activating the new Libyan electronic government administration, the eastern based official state news agency LANA reports today.

The event is organized in partnership between the Libyan National Registry and the Centre for Public Administration and Institutional Development at the University of Benghazi.

The event will be held at the eastern Ministry of Economy’s headquarters in Benghazi to discuss everything related to the field of digital government, exchange experiences, and start cooperation on joint activities between Libyan cities.

The symposium will focus on the trends of developing e-government in all Libyan cities, and the uses of digital technology in national efforts and the reunification, in addition to discussing important topics for research papers on the necessary policies, to promote the transition towards digital government in Libyan cities.

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