Prime minister designate Aldabaiba presents a ‘‘vision’’ of his government to parliament

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: Social media).

London, 25 February 2021:

There was much disappointment as prime minister designate, Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, announced at a live press conference in Tripoli today that he has presented ‘‘a vision of the government’’ to the House of Representatives (HoR). He did not announce the names of his Government of National Unity nor did he reveal how many ministers were in it.

He said he had submitted the structure and the government project, and was ready to present the names after consultation and scrutiny by the HoR. He hinted that that the HoR will need three to four days of consultation – after which he might present the names of his government.

The Tobruk HoR has confirmed the receipt of the GNU proposal.

He revealed that he had received over 3,000 CVs for his government, but that they only got round to viewing about 2,300.

According to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) the deadline for the presentation of the GNU to the HoR is tomorrow – not a vision of it.

Aldabaiba indicated that he wanted the HoR to have time to study his presentation and hinted he would announce Ministers’ names and positions when the HoR convenes. He was confident it would meet and said every HoR member he met assured him of their intention to vote for his GNU.

Here is a bullet point summary of what he said at the conference:


  • We took into account in the positions of sovereignty fair distribution between regions.
  • We thank the members of the LPDF, the House of Representatives and its presidency, and all countries that contacted us and helped us.
  • We will continue to support national reconciliation and support neighbouring countries.
  • We hope the House of Representatives will stand with us in approving the government and the budget.
  • We ask the media to respect the government’s efforts to reach national reconciliation.
  • We want real development for Libyans so that he can have his strength.
  • There are very bold decisions to support the citizen and the economy after obtaining confidence.
  • We are fully confident that the members of Parliament will give confidence to the government, and this is what they promised me.
  • We hope to accelerate the adoption of this government by the House of Representatives.
  • We are ready to go to any city in Libya to present the government.
  • The government includes all sects of the Libyan regions.
  • This government must be a technocratic government that represents all Libyans.
  • Our goals are to unify the fractured and scattered Libyan people, and we want the government to work efficiently.
  • I will be a supporter of Libyan sports youth, and today I am in charge of all sports clubs in the country.
  • We will not accept the extortion of any Libyan anywhere. I contacted Malta officials about visas and they expressed their willingness to present them.
  • We will seek to obtain the Corona vaccine at any cost and as soon as possible.
  • We will rely on the bodies that will enable the presence of women in a greater proportion. He admitted not many women were presented by the 13 election districts for his government.
  • We will start reforms starting from the first day the government takes office.
  • We cannot exclude anyone unless they have committed any crime or wrong.
  • We have submitted the structure and the government project, and we are ready to present the names after consultation and scrutiny.
  • Our relationship with Turkey will be distinguished, and Turkey is an economic partner with very great strength.
  • We support our partnership with Turkey within the framework of freedom of opinion and mutual respect, and agreements with Turkey are ongoing.

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