Updated: Names of Libya’s newly endorsed Government of National Unity

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: GNU).

London, 11 March 2021:

(This list has been updated on 18 March due to differences in lists initially published)

Yesterday at a special reunified and quorate session of Libya’s previously split parliament, the House of Representatives (HoR), confidence was granted to the Government of National Unity (GNU) headed by Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba.

The GNU was endorsed by 132 HoR members, with two abstentions and 36 members absent from the session.

Most of these 36 were Tripoli or western-based. They were either Faiez Serraj supporters, or belonged to the anti-HoR head, Ageela Saleh, or the anti-Khalifa Hafter camp. Many have not been able to forgive and forget Hafter’s war on Tripoli and Ageela Saleh’s support for him.

The new GNU includes two Deputy Prime Ministers and 35 ministers, including 6 Ministers of State selected from different cities and regions of Libya. The controversial post of Defence Minister was left vacant and will be held jointly by the three-member Presidency Council.

Women: Abusedra dropped for Mangoush

Overnight, Aldabaiba was forced to drop Lamia Abusedra as Foreign Minister, but he replaced her with another eastern woman, Najla Mangoush. Abusedra had held the post of Deputy Culture Minister in the Ali Zeidan government.

Abusedra, Al-Watan party and Abdulhakim Belhaj

Abusedra is or was a member of what is perceived as an Islamist party, the Watan Party. It is widely believed to have been founded by and headed by Abdulhakim Belhaj, the former head of the Tripoli Military Council and before that leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

In 2001, the LIFG was designated a terrorist group by the UN Security Council for its ties to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The names and posts of the GNU ministers are:


1- Deputy Prime Minister: Hussein Atiya Abdul Hafeez Al-Qatrani (east).


2- Deputy Prime Minister: Ramadan Ahmed Boujenah (south).


3- Minister of Agriculture & Livestock Resources: Hamad Abdul-Razzaq Taher Al-Marimi


4- Minister of Water Resources: Tariq Abdel Salam Mustafa Abu Flika


5- Minister of Marine Resources: Adel Mohamed Sultan Hassan


6- Minister of Sports: Abdul Shafi` Hussein Muhammad Al-Juifi


7- Minister of Planning: Fakher Muftah Bufarna


8- Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Najla Mangoush – First female in post


9 – Minister of Health: Ali Muhammad Miftah Al-Zinati


10 – Minister of Education: Musa Muhammad al-Maqrif


11 – Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts: Abd Al-Salam Abdullah Al-Lahi-Tiki


12 – Minister of Interior: Khaled Tijani Mazen


13- Minister of Environment: Ibrahim Al-Arabi Mounir


14 – Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation: Ali Al-Abed Al-Reda Abu Azoum


15 – Minister of Social Affairs: Wafaa Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Kilani


16 – Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development: Mabrouka Othman Oki


17- Minister of Defence: (Controversial position left vacant. Held jointly by the Presidency Council)


18 – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Imran Muhammad Abdul Nabi Al-Qeeb


19 – Minister of Technical and Vocational Education: Saeed Sifaw


20 – Minister of Industry and Minerals: Ahmed Ali Muhammad Omar


21 – Minister of Justice: Halima Ibrahim Abdel Rahman


22 – Minister of Civil Service: Abdul Fattah Saleh Muhammad Al-Khawja


23- Minister of Transportation: Muhammad Salem Al-Shahoubi


24 – Minister of Housing and Construction: Abubaker Mohamed Al-Ghawi


25 – Minister of Local Government: Badr Al-Din Al-Sadiq Al-Toumi


26- Minister of Youth: Fathallah Abd al-Latif Al-Zani


27 – Minister of Economy and Trade: Mohamed Hwej


28 – Minister of Oil and Gas: Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Aoun


29 – Minister of Finance: Khaled Al-Mabrouk Abdullah


30- Minister of State for Displaced Affairs and Human Rights: Ahmed Faraj Mahjoub Abu Khuzam


31 – Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs: Walid Ammar Muhammad Ammar Al-Lafi


32- Minister of State for Immigration Affairs: Ijdid Maatouk Jadeed


33- Minister of State for Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs: Adel Jumaa Amer


34- Minister of State for Women Affairs: Houria Khalifa Miloud


35 – Minister of State for Economic Affairs: Salama Ibrahim Al-Ghwail




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