The 5+5 Joint Military Commission calls for immediate removal of foreign fighters and mercenaries

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 16 March 2021:

In its final statement today after its two-day meeting at its permanent headquarters in Sirte, the 5 + 5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) stressed the necessity of continuing efforts for the immediate removal of mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya.

Specifically, the JMC called on the Security Council and the countries following up on the outcomes of the Berlin Conference (January 2021) on Libya to oblige the states affiliated to it to immediately withdraw mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libyan lands.

In its statement, the JMC expressed its appreciation for the full commitment of the field commanders to the ceasefire agreement reached on 23 October, 2020.

It commended the efforts of its sub-committees and field teams and the steps they had taken to overcome the difficulties for the optimal implementation of this agreement, especially with regard to the removal of mines and remnants of war, whose implementation was announced on 10 February, and the security arrangements in preparation for opening the coastal road to ensure the safety of its users.

The JMC congratulated the Presidency Council and the Government of National Unity for gaining the confidence of the House of Representatives and assuming power, and blessed the swearing-in by the new Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity of the State of Libya, appreciating the visit of the Prime Minister to the JMC and meeting with it at its headquarters in Sirte, hours after the government took the constitutional oath.

In its statement, the JMC thanked the UNSMIL and its team for their tireless and continuous efforts and support.

It also stated that it discussed the issue of continuing the exchange of detainees and overcoming all difficulties to achieve this and completed its discussions with the advanced team sent by the United Nations Secretariat on the practical steps and limitations of the work of observers on Libyan soil.

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