Conference promoting non-oil exports, 16 to 17 March-Tripoli

By Sami Zaptia.

A two-day conference on promoting Libya’s non-oil exports started in Tripoli yesterday (Photo: LEPC).

London, 17 March 2021:

The Second Scientific Conference for Non-Oil Exports started in Tripoli yesterday and will end today. The event is organized by the Libyan Export Promotion Centre (LEPC).

The aim of the conference is:

  • Establishing the current position of Libya’s non-oil exports and their possible horizons
  • Exploring barriers to Libya’s non-oil exports and possible solutions to them
  • Exploring experiences of other states in increasing their non-oil exports
  • Proposals of  mechanisms and programmes of work to help develop non-oil exports

The conference is hosting several researchers, exporters and business leaders to discuss research papers on the reality of the country’s non-oil exports and the possibility of their development.

The event will also showcase Libyan non-oil export success stories and the state’s efforts to help non-oil exporters.

In a related context, the head of the conference’s preparatory committee, Mohamed Ali Al-Deeb, said that the conference aims to activate the role of the private sector to diversify sources of national income, reduce the state’s dependence on oil, and increase the contribution of other sectors to enable Libyan exports to compete in global markets.

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