Brega Fuel Depot to restart operating in fortnight with its 25 million litres storage tank – to ease fuel shortages

By Sami Zaptia.

Brega Fuel Depot ready to restart work by mid-April after maintenance (Photo: Brega).

London, 3 April 2021:

Brega Marketing Company reports that its Airport Road Fuel Depot will return to operation soon as its maintenance teams have completed about 90 percent of the work to repair its fuel tanks there.

Brega is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) tasked with importing and distributing fuels and mechanical oil.

Brega said it expects its fuel tank number 120 with an estimated storage capacity of 25 million litres to enter operation before the holy month of Ramadan in mid-April, after maintenance operations were carried out its own local labour force.

It also reported that its teams in charge of maintenance work on tank number 123 (also with a 25 million litre capacity) also started work. It is expected to be ready before May.

A strategic stock of fuel

Brega said it has made use of all its available assets to complete this work in order to return fuel distribution to normal and in order to have the company a strategic stock of fuel within its facilities.

It said it aims to end the current temporary solutions imposed on the company due to the country’s circumstances, which are solutions put in place for the comfort of citizens and their right to fuel.

The various wars and militia fighting made it necessary to be distribute fuel to tankers at the unloading platforms in the port of Tripoli and transport fuel by tankers directly to petrol stations. This temporary measure disrupted the company’s services and made them subject to public criticism.

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