Ministry of Economy calls on traders to reduce prices in Ramadan – Chamber of Commerce supports call

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: TCCI).

London, 6 April 2021:

The Tripoli Chamber of Commerce yesterday lent its support the Ministry of Economy and Trade’s call on traders to reduce their prices during the coming holly fasting month of Ramadan.

Last week the Ministry had called upon the General Union of Chambers to call on all its member Chambers to in turn call on all trade members to reduce prices during the fasting month.

The Tripoli Chamber says the call comes with the intention of providing suitable conditions for the citizen to acquire his necessary needs, especially the basic commodities, that are in great demand during the month of Ramadan.

The Chamber added that the Ministry of Economy and Trade adopted a set of proposals and ideas that would achieve this goal in a way that limits the negative impact of the delay of parliament’s approving the 2021 budget and the resulting delay in salaries being paid.

In its call for price reductions, the Ministry of Economy and Trade had had urged the General Union of Chambers to motivate their affiliated members to provide consumer goods such as vegetable oils, flour, rice, pasta, eggs, milk, cheese, meat and poultry at reduced prices at clear rates that give this holy month an atmosphere of joy, love and synergy.

The Tripoli Chamber called on its members to get into the Ramadan spirit of benevolence and goodwill by supporting the reduced prices call to help the lower paid in society by displaying a banner of stating “reduced prices on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan’’.

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