Italian prime minister Draghi: Italy to contribute to the reconstruction of Libya

By Sami Zaptia.

Italian pm Mario Draghi visits Tripoli (Photo: GNU).








London, 7 April 2021:

Italian prime minister Mario Draghi said Italy wishes to contribute to Libya’s reconstruction.

The statement came yesterday at Draghi’s joint press conference in Tripoli with Libyan prime minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba. This was Draghi’s first visit to Libya and his first overseas trip since taking over office in February.

Aldabaiba affirmed Libya’ interest in strengthening strategic cooperation with Italy adding that Italy is one of the few countries whose embassy continued to operate from inside Tripoli through Libya’s troubles.

He said Italy shows special interest in the stability of Libya and that Libya appreciates this adding that Libya looked forward to the reopening of Italian airspace to Libyan aviation, and resuming flights between the two countries.

Aldabaiba also looked forward to Italy facilitating the granting of Italian visas for Libyans from its Tripoli embassy and Italy facilitating the procedures for Libyans residing in Italy. He said Eni is very important in the field of Libyan-Italian cooperation.

Libya and Italy suffer from the common challenge of illegal immigration, and terrorism, organized crime and human trafficking are common issues that must be fought together, he added.

The two also agreed to expedite the holding of the Libyan Italian Joint Committee session.

Aldabaiba said a strong and solid relationship with Italy will be built whose motto is the sovereignty of Libya first.

For his part, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this was his first visit abroad since he was named Prime Minister of the Italian government.

He said his visit to Libya has a special significance and an opportunity to rebuild a historical friendship.

Draghi said the basic condition in Libya is the continuation of the ceasefire agreement and its close monitoring.

The Italian Prime Minister said they had agreed on the importance of exchanging cooperation and contributing to the reconstruction of Libya’s infrastructure.

He said the European Union should help Libya with regard to irregular migration.

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