Libya hopes to benefit from Maltese expertise in the field of IT, training, and qualifications

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya and Malta seek to cooperate in various fields, including ICT (Photo: Social media)

London, 7 April 2021:

Libya hopes to benefit from Maltese expertise in the field of IT, training, and qualifications.

The news was revealed after yesterday’s meeting between Faisel Gergab, Chairman of Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company (LPTIC), with a Maltese delegation at the LPTIC’s Tripoli headquarters which was held within the framework of cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including cooperation in the telecommunication sector.

The Maltese delegation included Clyde Caruana the Maltese Minister of Finance and Employment, and Brian Zara, the Maltese Consul in Libya.

The meeting discussed the transition from traditional systems to modern systems by working on e-government and e-payment projects to increase the speed of Libya’s digital transformation, as well as training and development through the newly launched ICT Academy project.

Furthermore, the two parties discussed cooperation between Maltese companies and LPTIC’s subsidiary companies, the holding of a consultative forum between Libyan government and private ICT companies and Maltese specialized companies, and the opening of economic opportunities in light of recent political stability in Libya.

LPTIC reported that it was working with its subsidiaries on implementing several transformational strategic projects aimed at improving the Libyan infrastructure including electronic transformation, transfer of knowledge and creating fruitful international cooperation and opening horizons for foreign investment. LPTIC is especially focusing on improving the conditions of all workers in the sector to create a good and productive work environment.

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