LPTIC’s Al-Bonya to open PPP, investment in strategic projects and create knowledge economy

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 7 April 2021:

Al Bonya Company, a subsidiary of the state Libyan Post Telecommunications and Information Company (LPTIC) is seeking mechanisms for opening investment horizons, new partnerships for strategic projects, and creating a knowledge economy.

The news came after LPTIC chairman Faisal Girgab met with the new board of directors of Bonya Company. Bonya owns over 600 telecoms towers and over 900 properties, including unexploited land.

The board meeting discussed practical steps to solve the accumulated operational problems of the company, the need to accelerate the restructuring of the company, solve the outstanding problems for employees, develop and train the cadres, as well as create a special department for investments.

During the meeting, the private sector was also encouraged to participate (PPP), reconstruct and develop the company’s lands, and prepare its real estate.

The meeting concluded with the confirmation of the LPTIC’s Board of Directors’ support for the new Board of Directors for Al Bonya Company, and urging the speedy preparation of an estimated budget for the current year, including operational and investment sides.

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