Brega launches instant gas cylinder refilling station – plans national roll out

By Sami Zaptia.

Brega has opened its first instant gas cylinder refilling station and plans a nationwide roll out (Photo: Brega).

London, 13 April 2021:

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company announced yesterday the opening of its first instant gas cylinder refilling unit at its Tripoli Depot.

The filling unit has a production capacity of 450 cylinders per hour, enabling customers to fill their existing empty gas cylinders while they wait. Previously customers had to wait until full cylinders arrived at the point of sale from the main filling depot and would exchange their empty ones for full ones. The service will start today.

The filling price is LD 2/cylinder and the filling unit will be opened according to official working hours at a rate of two shifts per day, seven days a week.

Locally made filling unit

Brega boasted that the filling unit has been designed and installed by its own local technicians and engineers and without the need for foreign labour or technicians.

Countrywide rollout

Brega said this is its first instant gas cylinder refilling unit and the first in the company’s history. It announced that the concept will be rolled out across the country.

Delivery of basic services a sign of good government

There is a wider significance of this service delivery. Successive post-Qaddafi-era governments have struggled to deliver basic services. Basic service delivery has been seen as the litmus paper of their success and legitimacy. The libyan public views it with irony that an oil producing-exporting country has failed to deliver gas cylinders across the country efficiently.

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