UNDP-supported Ubari airport expansion work starts – to enable arrival of larger aircraft

By Sami Zaptia.

Ubari airport expansion work commences (Photo: Ubari airport).

London, 14 April 2021:

Ubari airport reported yesterday that implementing the works of expanding the aircraft parking area and establishing a new transport corridor started.

It said this comes within the framework of the work to develop Ubari airport and based on the contract signed with implementing company Emaar Fezzan, with the support of the UNDP.

The airport explained that with the completion of this project, it will be possible for the airport to receive all types of aircraft and solve the problem of operating increased flights.

Currently, the airport is only receiving infrequent smaller flights. It aims to receive scheduled flights by one of the two main state airliners, Libyan Airlines or Afriquiya Air.

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