Bosnian embassy in Tripoli reopens and resumes issuing of visas

By Sami Zaptia.

The Bosnian embassy in Tripoli will start issuing visas from today (Photo:

London, 19 April 2021:

The Libyan Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina announced yesterday that the Bosnian Embassy in Tripoli is to resume the issuing of visas.

The Libyan embassy in Sarajevo said the decision came thanks to joint efforts, meetings and coordination between it and the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Libyan citizens can now submit applications to obtain a visa to visit Bosnia through its embassy in the Siyahia area in Tripoli, starting today.

The Libyan embassy reported that this important step come after it had reached an agreement with the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the two sides agreed to provide all facilities to the citizens of the respective countries to contribute to supporting cooperation of mutual interest, especially in the field of tourism, trade exchange, investment and developing cooperative relations between the two countries.

Schengen visas

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not part of the EU but is part of the Schengen visa process. The news would mean that the Bosnian embassy in Tripoli would be the first to start issuing Schengen visas in Tripoli – ahead of Malta.

The Maltese consulate?

The Maltese consulate had been expected to be the first European state to start issuing visas. It has been preparing to start issuing visas for months and keeps putting out statements that it will resume ‘‘soon’’ – but without announcing a specific date.

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