Audit Bureau to review contracting procedures of controversial ECTN

By Sami Zaptia.

The Libyan Audit Bureau is to review the controversial ECTN contract with Turkish company SCK (Photo:

London, 20 April 2021:

The Audit Bureau announced yesterday that it is to review the contracting procedures of the Electronic Cargo Tracking Network (ECTN) system.

The announcement by the Audit Bureau yesterday came after a meeting yesterday between the new Finance Minister, Khaled Abdullah, and Audit Bureau head, Khaled Shakshak.

On the issue of the ECTN, the Audit Bureau reported that the meeting, which was held at the Bureau’s Tripoli’s headquarters, dealt with ‘‘the new procedures related to the electronic tracking system.

The meeting concluded an agreement to review contracting procedures related to the electronic tracking system.’’

On 9 March, the Customs Authority had circulated a letter to all concerned entities that the ECTN system is to continue in operation.

The news come despite protests by the Chamber of Commerce, Maritime Chamber and businesses. It also continues despite the Audit Bureau instigating an investigation into the controversial contract for the ECTN service with Turkish company SCK.


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