GPS truck tracking to be used to counter fuel smuggling, profiteering by fuel distributors will be penalized

By Sami Zaptia.

The Ministry of Economy is reviewing fuel distribution and fighting corruption (file photo).

London, 20 April 2021:

The possibility of using GPS tracking systems to monitor fuel tankers in coordination with distribution companies in the context of combating smuggling and corruption, is being considered by Libya’s Economy Ministry. Profiteering by fuel distributors will also be penalized.

The revelation came after a meeting headed by the Minister of Economy and Trade Mohamed Hwej was held to discuss the mechanism for distributing fuel to the petrol stations and the problems fuel distribution companies face in performing their work.

The Ministry reported that the meeting, held on Sunday at its Tripoli headquarters, came within the framework of coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Oil and Gas and included the Chairman of Brega Oil Marketing Company and the presence of fuel distribution companies and several consultants and directors.

The meeting discussed the fuel distribution mechanism used by Brega Company to the distribution companies and from there to petrol stations in all regions, in light of the obstacles they face in performing their work.

It also discussed the proposals that contribute to solving them to ensure the continuity of petrol stations’ work throughout the day in addition to the problems and difficulties that companies face with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Commercial Registry, and ways to deal with it, were discussed.

Relationship between distributor Brega and petrol station companies to be reviewed

The Economy Minister stressed the need to establish a clear mechanism between the Brega Company and the distribution companies that regulates the process of supplying fuel to the petrol stations and providing it to the citizen easily and smoothly. He indicated that the Ministry will consider the regulations and legislation governing the relationship of the Brega Company with the distribution companies and will proceed to study the required quantities of fuel and the actual needs of the stations and their capacity.

A technical team that includes all the competent authorities would study the possibility of using the GPS tracking system to monitor fuel tankers in coordination with the distribution companies in the context of combating smuggling and corruption. The team will also undertake the process of organizing the granting of licenses in municipalities with regard to oil and gas activities and reviewing the profits of the Brega Oil Marketing Company and fuel distribution companies. The Ministry stressed that the Ministry will take all measures against violating companies, in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

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