Libya’s Health Ministry asks: What have we achieved in 30 days?

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Health Ministry has conducted a 30-day overview of its achievements (Logo: Health Ministry).

London, 21 April 2021:

Under the banner: “30 days have passed, what have we achieved? And what are the difficulties that we have faced?” the Libyan Minister of Health Ali Al-Zanati held his second meeting on Monday with the Directors of Departments in his Ministry.

The meeting was part of an evaluation of the Ministry’s performance since Zanati took office from his predecessor.

The meeting discussed the total work done, the percentage of departments’ completion of their work, the extent of the difficulties they faced, the solutions that were adopted to ensure the progress of work, and what are the next steps and projects.

The Ministry reported that among the most important topics discussed during the meeting:

  • Medical convoys and their speedy processing.
  • International organizations and the need for their commitment and respect for the legitimate channels of the state.
  • Stalled projects and the possibility of their completion.
  • Oxygen and its availability in all regions of Libya.
  • The problems facing the provision of isolation centres and ways to solve them.
  • Medical waste and disposal methods.
  • Oncology, kidney and antitoxin medicines, as well as general medicines.
  • The inspection and follow-up mechanism and the extent of the ministry’s follow-up on its role in the search and investigation of any shortfall that may occur or occurred.

After the meeting, the Ministry reported that many decisions were taken that will contribute to raising the performance of its departments and their workers in order to develop health services for citizens.

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