Egypt agrees to supply Libyan Health Ministry with training, personnel and oxygen – to treat Libyans in Egypt on same basis as locals

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya and Egypt sign Health agreement (Photo Health Ministry).

London, 22 April 2021:

Libya’s Health Minister Ali Al-Zanati, and Hala Zayed, Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of health in which the two parties agreed:

  • Egypt is to treat Libyans on the same basis as Egyptians in receiving treatment and benefit from Egyptian public medical institutions and the private ones according to the insurance rates for Egyptians.
  • Facilitate the entry of Libyan patients and ambulances into Egypt.
  • Training and developing health resources, especially between the Medical Manpower Development Center in Libya and the National Training Institute in Egypt.
  • Egypt to ensure the loaning and bringing in of medical personnel to cover Libya’s deficit.
  • Egypt to lift restrictions on travel of its personnel to Libya.
  • Egypt to supply Libya with liquefied medical oxygen to respond to any crisis that occurs due to the Corona pandemic.

The agreement, signed in Tripoli, went into force as of the time of signing. It was part of multiple MoU’s agreed during the visit of Egyptian prime minister Mustafa Madbouly Tuesday to Tripoli.

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