Building Libya online expo 19-21 May

By Sami Zaptia.

Building Libya Online Exhibition (Logo: Expotim).

London, 30 April 2021:

The Building Libya Online Exhibition 19-12 May, the first construction and interiors show since 2012, is an online global hub to gather thousands of international construction market professionals and actors to showcase their products to buyers from the Northern African region, the organizers report.

The aim of the event is to support the construction market during these crucial times. Libya, one of the richest countries in Africa, aims to start new projects by increasing its exports in the construction industry. The organizers report it has over 14,000 unfinished projects worth US$ 140 billion.

Participants seeking to expand their network and open up to the North African market are invited to take their place on the online platform where hundreds of buyers and exporters will meet.

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