Localization of treatment at home and organization of treatment abroad – aim of Health Ministry

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Health Ministry wants to optimise between localizing healthcare and treatment abroad (Logo: Health Ministry).

London, 2 May 2021:  

“Our goal is to localize treatment at home, and to organize treatment abroad.”, Libya’s Health Minister Ali Zanati said yesterday.

He was speaking in a Zoom meeting with doctors, experts and specialists in treatment programmes abroad.

Zanati emphasized that the goal is to localize treatment in Libya and transfer expertise to the medical and auxiliary elements, and that his ministry will continue this goal until success is achieved – while working in parallel to regulate and legalize treatment abroad.

Mechanism for referring complex cases for treatment abroad

During the meeting, the available opportunities and the mechanism of action that regulates this field, and how to set clear lines for referring complex cases for treatment abroad that need advanced centres for treatment were discussed.

Direct communications with advanced centres abroad

The minister emphasized that it is possible to benefit from advanced centres through direct communication between their counterparts in the country, to benefit and take advice.

Follow-up on patients receiving treatment abroad

The Minister of Health also stressed the need to establish a mechanism to follow-up on the patient in the country in which he is receiving treatment, and that it is not possible for citizens to be sent for treatment abroad without being followed-up by specialists to see the extent of the patient’s response to treatment and its results, as well as monitoring to see if the services were provided with the required quality or not.

The Ministry is trying to optimise the most efficient and effective use of limited resources whilst maximizing the best health treatment between local and the more costly overseas treatments for complex cases.

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