Indian engineers arrive at Sirte Gulf power station

By Sami Zaptia.

Indian engineers have arrived at Sirte’s Gulf Power Station to help get it producing electricity (File photo).

London, 4 May 2021:  

Several Indian engineers and technicians arrived in Libya working for an Indian company contracted by the Electrical Construction Company, a subsidiary of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL), the official Libyan state news agency LANA reported Sunday. The engineers will be working at the Sirte Gulf Steam Power Station.

LANA reported that the engineering team will start work on equipping the second unit at the Gulf power, which has been suspended since 2014. The power plant has four units and was first operated in 2013 with a production capacity of (250) megawatts.

The implementation of the Gulf Steam Power Station in Sirte is considered one of the largest projects in the Libyan energy sector. Libya is experiencing quite lengthy power cuts these past weeks as summer temperatures began to rise.

Providing electricity is one of the main litmus tests of the new government.

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